Happy Landings, my fellow spacers and scoundrels. Welcome to my little corner of the Holonet. I set up shop on this end of the Tatooine to bring the lively game of Sabacc back to it's rightful place in the backroom cantinas and casinos of all the dive spaceports you can wander into in this wide galaxy.

Granted, business for a professional gamblers has been a little rough since the Empire outlawed neutralizing field generators. But my associates and I have come up with a way around that little problem, and now we're ready to help smugglers and gamblers of all stripes get back to the business of courting lady luck. If you're interested in learning how to play Sabacc yourself, I suggest checking out the rules and the Players lounge. If you're interested in becoming a dealer in this new age of Sabacc games, feel free to check out the Dealer's section. Regardless, I hope I see you across the table somewhere, and may the shifts go my way.
-Egna Dragonn of Kraytia, Tatooine (Chilastra)