Ed Niles

photo of Ed Niles taken in the WI State Capitol

A few side projects

I provide no warranty for the following information and code. Heck, I can't even guarantee it will be useful. However, I kludged it together at some point to solve a problem, and figured I would share in case it's useful to someone else.

If you follow this link you'll be taken to the old index page for my website. This page has a menu that provides highlighting on mouseover using only CSS (no javascript). This was accomplished by changing the color of divs underneath gifs with strategically located transparent sections. There are some real fun CSS tweaks being used to make sure the mouseover effect looks the same in all browsers (or at least all the browsers being used when it was written in 2005).

I have an original Apple TV that is connected to my TV in the living room, and I use it mainly to watch podcasts I've downloaded through itunes. Unfortunately itunes on Windows does not provide the ability to schedule podcast download updates, nor does it allow you to schedule when itunes syncs with your AppleTV (Seriously Apple?! You can't add a simple option to schedule when to "refresh all podcasts"; I have to go in and do it manually?). So, I created a few javascript scripts to solve this problem. Just download the following text files, change the file extension to .js, and use Windows Task Scheduler to call these scripts at the times you want each action to occur [Note - you'll need to use cscript.exe to call scripts from Task Scheduler i.e. C:\WINDOWS\system32\cscript.exe C:\Scripts\iTunes_sync_AppleTV.js] Itunes must be open when these scripts are called.