"Cruel jokes are a big part of life in any environment where speed freaks, work addicts, and obsessive-compulsive political junkies are ripped to the tits day and night for thirteen straight months on their own adrenaline" - Hunter S. Thompson

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Hi! My name is Ed Niles. Welcome to my little corner of the web.

I’m a technology geek working professionally in Democratic politics. Currently residing in Madison, WI and splitting time in Washington, DC. I’m also a graduate of the Univerity of Wisconsin, a huge Badgers fan, and lover of Irish whiskey.

I use this site mainly to reserve my name in domain form and to run my personal email. However, I do post side-projects up on the web from time to time. If you’re cyber-stalking me, I have some information about my work history listed on my Work page and more information about things I’m interested in under Play. Of course if you’re just looking to get in touch with me, contact information is provided below, as well.

Code and Side Projects

There used to be a whole section of this site dedicated to random bits of code and other side projects I felt like sharing with the world. However, GitHub and AWS services have removed the need for keeping a webserver up and running strictly for that purpose. You can find some possibly useful code in my storage repo eniles-random-code or feel free to root around in any of my public repos.

Any active side projects will be listed here:

Maybe you’re just lost?

If you’ve stumbled onto this site accidentally, and you don’t really care who this Ed Niles character is, it’s OK. The most imporant thing to remember is Don’t Panic. Maybe this or this can help you find your way.


Any emails sent to web [at] edniles.com will eventually reach me.
If we know each other in the real world try facebook.com/ed.niles
Tweets about politics and retweets of other things that amuse me at @edniles