Ed Niles

photo of Ed Niles at distillery

Welcome to My World

Hi! My name is Ed Niles. Welcome to my little corner of the web.

I'm a technology geek and manager who works professionally in Democratic politics. I'm also a graduate of the Univerity of Wisconsin, and a huge Badgers fan.

I use this site mainly to reserve my name in domain form and to run my personal email server. However, I do post side-projects up on the web from time to time, so if that's what you're looking for you can try Other. If you're cyber-stalking me, I have some information about my work history listed under Work and more information about things I'm interested in under Play. Of course if you're just looking to get in touch with me, I'd suggest looking in the Contact section.

Maybe you're just lost?

If you've stumbled onto this site accidentally, and you don't really care who this Ed Niles character is, it's OK. The most imporant thing to remember is Don't Panic. Maybe the links to the left can help you find your way.